Hardwood Flooring

The benefits of having hardwood flooring over the other types of flooring.

Flooring Rockford IL

The age old question; should I have hardwood floors or carpeting? While both of these flooring materials have distinct advantages; we’ve found that hardwood floors are consistently becoming more and more popular. They don’t hide any harmful matter and make for a healthier, safer living environment in your home.  While hardwood floors are generally more expensive than carpet, they still require a lot less maintenance as well. 

Hardwood Flooring & Installation

Another great thing about hardwood flooring is that it can be repaired a lot easier than carpet. With carpet, you’ll have to replace it every so often – with hardwood floors, you can simply “repair” it. Even if your floors have scrapes, scratches, dents, or all around damage; our experts can come in and sand them away and add a smoothed refinish. It’s very rare that people will need to replace a hardwood floor.  Since wood is a natural resource, it’s also a great ecological choice.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

We feel that the best reasoning for having Rockford,IL hardwood floors is based on their aesthetic reasons. It’s one of the oldest flooring materials but stays in style at the same time. You have multiple styles of wood types, colors, designs, grains, and much more to choose from. Give us a call at Top Notch Building Supply and see how our experts can help assist you from an initial consultation all the way to the installation of the hardwood flooring. Let our professional hardwood installers at Top Notch Building Supply help you today!