At Top Notch Building Supply we carry all of your roofing supplies needed to complete any job. We stock Certainteed Landmark shingles that we can offer a 50 year roof warranty with full replacement including materials, labor, and tear off expenses. This 50 year warranty is available when you have your Landmark shingles installed by one of our certified roofing installers. We work with multiple Certainteed certified roofers in the Freeport, Rockford, and Rocton areas.

Certainteed carries Landmark Pro, Landmark Premium and Presidential shingles as well that carry the same 50 year roof warranty when installed by a certified roofer. When not installed by a certified installer these premium lines carry a 10 year SureStart warranty. This warranty means that Certainteed will pay for roofing supplies, labor, and tear off expenses are all included within 10 years of the installation date.

Grand Manor

Grand Manor is a really thick, heavy shingle that weighs 425 a square. This extra weight will stand up to higher winds and weather related incidents. Grand Manor offers similar warranties the full 50 year replacement with a certified roofer, and 10 year SureStart warranty for non-certified installations. Grand Manor offers great depth and design with it's randomly placed tabs with shadow lines these shingle are sure to give your home an authentic sense of depth and dimension.


Certainteed Landmark shingles are available in 14 colors that are sure to match you siding whether it be vinyl, aluminum, or stucco. Landmark shingles are double laminated for a heavier more reliable product. Landmark shingles come with excellent warranties, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are making a great investment. 

Landmark Pro

Landmark Pro shingles are two piece laminated and are a heavier weight shingle (250-270) a square. Offering many colors with new Max Def colors for a more vibrant and dramatic look. Certainteed still offers great warranties with Landmark Pro shingles 50 year full replacement when installed by certified roofer, and 10 year SureStart warranty when not.


Certainteed's Presidential Series offers a unique selection of designer shingles. Made to replicate the look of cedar shakes, yet offer the great performance of fiber glass construction shingles. Presedential Series Shakes are offered as TL (triple laminated) or standard two piece fiber glass construction. And Certainteed offers ENERGY STAR rating with Presidential Solaris.
Certainteed's Presidential Shake TL offer more protection with an extra layer, weigh 480lbs per square, and offer a lifetime limited warranty. A distinctive rustic appearance with exceptional protection, this is an investment that will last. Presidential Shakes also offer a lifetime limited warranty and offer great protection but with two-layers and weighing 355lbs per square.
Get ENERGY STAR rated shingles with Presidential Solaris. Offered in high def colors, with dual-layer performance, and a lifetime limited warranty theese shingles also have solar reflective technology.