Central States Manufacturing

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Panel-Loc Plus

Panel-Loc Plus is available in 29ga and 26ga painted or bare Galvalume steel with the option of 29ga galvanized steel. Each piece of metal measures 38" tip-to-tip with a 36" span. The rib height measures 3/4" and the distance from center of rib to center of rib is 9". Central States carries a 40 year limited paint warranty. The bare Galvalume steel comes with a clear organic treatment that protects the metal through manufacturing, delivery and installation,and has a 20 year limited warranty. Panel-Loc Plus comes cut to order to help your projects operate smoothly.


Horizon-Loc is available in 26ga painted and bare Galvalume. Horizon-Loc panels have a 16" coverage, with a 1" rib height. Horizon-Loc is a concealed fastener system and has trim and accessory pieces available.